The Very Best E Cigarette Brands & Reviews of 2015


2015 has been a great year for the e-cig community. There were tons of improvements, modifications, and new products. Electronic cigarettes have been around for a while, but in 2015, there were a lot of improvements, modifications, and features for vapers.

In order to make your life easier, here at E-Cigaretteopedia we provide objective and comprehensive reviews of e-cigarette brands. We review individual products and we tell you how they match up to the competition. Below, you’ll find helpful information on our top 10 brands of electronic cigarettes. We also review more advanced vaping methods like e-liquid, vapor tanks, and advanced mods.  Thanks for visiting Ecigaretteopedia!

Top Brands 2015

Brand Rating Review Visit Site
V2 Cigs
South Beach Smoke
White Cloud


There are a lot of options available to you so you may have to go with your gut when deciding on one. Make sure you have all of the information before you make a decision. Our top two brands here are specifically great choices. They both have a lot of features to offer that make them a top choice for many vapers.


We ranked V2 Cigs as our favorite e-cigarette brand. If flavor is most important to you, V2 is a great choice. You can get regular tobacco flavors or more exciting flavors like strawberry and chocolate. You may want to create your own blends and explore different flavors to see which ones you love the best. Have a look at all of their available flavors here. Many vapers also enjoy this brand because these electronic cigarettes produce a lot of vapor. This is important for many vapers because the more rich vapor an electronic cigarette, the more satisfaction a vaper will have with a smoking experience. V2 is also known for its advanced technology, and the batteries on these electronic cigarettes last a lot longer than other brands. You can browse accessories, batteries, and other products from V2 Cigs here. If you want to learn more about this brand, read our detailed V2 Cigs review.


Our second favorite brand is VaporFi. Vapers are a fan of this brand for many reasons. To start with, they have some of the best starter kits, nicotine levels and e-Liquid choices. You can choose which battery you prefer and adjust your shopping experience based on your personal preferences. Their batteries are very powerful and can last up to an entire day. Additionally, all VaporFi e-Liquids are premium products manufactured right here in America. Still not convinced? Head on to our complete review for VaporFi and learn more about these valued electronic cigarettes.

Disposable e-Cigarettes

WHY: Disposables are super convenient for vapers, particularly first-timers, because they are easy and simple to use. You don’t have to mess with a lot of equipment. Just hold it in your hand and vape, and then shove it back in your pocket when you’re done. They are really lightweight and portable, and you can take them anywhere. They are typically a cheaper option as well. But most importantly, you can dispose of them as soon as you are done. You don’t have to refill or do any maintenance.

WHO: Typically, these are used by two different groups of people: vaping newbies who want to try out electronic cigarettes but aren’t ready to commit to making a larger purchase and those who are always on the go and need something small and convenient.

WHICH: We’ve reviewed many brands with their own disposable electronic cigarettes.  Ultimately, though, we have to recommend South Beach SmokeV2 Cigs and Green Smoke  if you are looking for disposable e-cigs because they are the easiest and cheapest to buy. They also offer singles while most brand sell packs of four or five at a time.

Starter Kits

southbeachsmoke_sbs-deluxe-ultimate-kitWHAT: Starter kits are pretty self-explanatory. They are kits that offer everything you need to get started with e-cigarettes. Brands put together an entire package so that newbies don’t have to buy a lot of different pieces at the beginning.

WHY: If you are making the switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, you may feel overwhelmed. Starter kits are a great solution to this because they are designed to make electronic cigarettes easy to use.V2_Cigs_Sale_V2_Ultimate_Starter_Kit_White_Batteries

WHO: These are for anyone who is new to vaping and wants to try out electronic cigarettes.

WHICH: Almost every brand of e-cigarettes has a nice starter kit. We’ve covered some of the here, including V2Green SmokeVaporFi™,Halo, and EverSmoke. Feel free to click through to learn more about each and find out which one suits your needs the best.

E-Cigarette Maintenance


If you are smoking electronic cigarettes that are not disposables, you will need to learn about maintenance. What will you need to do to ensure longevity? What do you need to do to make sure that you will get the best vaping experience possible? Is there a way to preserve the lifespan of your battery and cartomizer?
These are questions that many vapers have so we have assembled the answers to all of these questions. We explain the best tips that will help you to take care of your cartridge, atomizer, mouthpiece, battery, charger, and more. These are summarized in an article we did: Proper Maintenance of e-Cigarettes. Have a look and learn how to get the most out of your electronic cigarettes.


Mods and Advanced Equipment


Disposables and starter kits are great for when you are just starting out, but what comes next? Once you get into it, you will start to discover all of the different things you can do with your electronic cigarettes. Each brand is constantly coming out with new flavors and technologies that helps to make your smoking experience better.

VaporFi_new_premium_tank_3From mods to tanks to APVs to variable voltage batteries, users can customize their electronic cigarette experience. A lot of advanced vapers even create their own devices using components from a number of vendors. Many vapers mix e-liquids as well to create their own blends and flavors.

For the more advanced vapers, we also reviewed the best vapor tanks and advanced mods in the market today.

Think you’re ready to move on to tanks and mods? Take a look at our Advanced e-Cigarette Mods Page and Vapor Tank Systems Page to find out for sure.

Available Flavors and Options


Perhaps the biggest difference between electronic cigarettes and regular tobacco cigarettes. While it’s possible to get regular tobacco flavors like light and menthol, you also have the option to get flavors like chocolate, vanilla, cherry, coffee, and strawberry.


Other brands offer more creative and unique flavors. For instance:

  • MadVapes offers black raspberry, caramel popcorn, champagne, cherries and cream, coffee cake, and Lucky 7, among its many flavors.
  • Mount Baker Vapor also has a good selection of unique flavors, such as Butterscotch, Cinnamon Roll, Ecto Cooler, Extreme Ice, Hawk Sauce, Moo Juice, Pineapple Upside Down, Thug Juice, and lots more.
  • VaporFi won’t back down when it comes to flavor ingenuity. It offers Blueberry Cheesecake, Caribbean Escape, Fruity Fun Cereal, Lemon Apple Candy Crush, Mint Julep, Summer Freshness, Tart N’ Sweet, The Godfather, Tobaccolicious, and a lot of novel blends you won’t find elsewhere.
  • V2 Cigs is last in this list of unique flavors, but certainly not least. Their offerings range from classics and favorites (menthol, mint tea, peppermint) to the boldest blends out there (grape, V2 cola, cherry, and more). They also have flavor-mimics of popular cigarette brands: Red tastes like Marlboro cigarettes, Sahara tastes like Camel cigarettes, and Congress tastes like Parliament cigarettes.

For a better look into your options, check out our e-Liquids page to see which types are right for you.

Ecigaretteopedia’s 2015 e-Cigarette Awards for Excellence


Our team has an extensive understanding of e-cigarette brands and the e-cigarette industry in general. We understand that vapers want a great flavor, a long-lasting battery, a lot of vapor to create an authentic smoking experience, and more! Our comprehensive views will help you to find the e-cigarette brand that has exactly what you need. Keep reading for more information on which brand has the best of the following features:

The Most Powerful Battery


A lot of brands have long-lasting batteries, and so this category was not easy to narrow down. Many of these brands have been working diligently on improving battery life. At the end of the day, one brand has the best battery: South Beach Smoke.


The SuperMAX battery is South Beach Smoke’s best battery. Many of the fans of this brand are particularly fans of this batter. It uses the KR808D, operates on 4.2 volts and is one of the most advanced models today. This amount of power gives vapers a nice draw with thick vapor for a great smoking experience. The standard and extended capacity batteries last up to 250 and 400 puffs per charge cycle, respectively. Even for heavy smokers, the SuperMAX can last up to four hours. One battery charge will last an entire day for light and casual vapers.

Learn more about the revolutionary SuperMAX battery as well as South Beach Smoke in general in our full review for the brand.

The Best Flavors


It’s difficult to say which brand has the best flavors because different people want different things. If you are seeking a wide variety of flavors, Halo might be a good e-cigarette to try out. MadVapes also has over 150 flavors providing vapers with a wide variety. They are focused on giving you different options. Both VaporFi and Mount Baker Vapor do a pretty good job for tank and mod juices.

Another great brand for flavor is V2 Cigs. V2 Cigs uses a mixture of PG, VG, water and flavorings. This brand is focused on providing products that have proven to be 100% safe, which is why it tests its e-liquids and publicly publishes the results. This brand has different nicotine levels and flavors as well.

vapor4life_eliquid-flavors-juiceIf you are confused about which flavor or which level of nicotine might be best for you, have a look at one of our guides.

The Richest Vapor


For some vapers, the vapor is actually more important than the flavor. For others, it’s at least equally as important. Many vapers purchase the electronic cigarettes that contain the most vapor so that they can have more satisfying smoking experiences. The winner of this category is easily Green Smoke.


This brand has the best vapor out there because Green Smoke uses its trademark technologies, Flavor Shield and Sensor Safe. The first produces a high volume of vapor without compromising the quality of the flavor, while the latter includes a patented design that prevents any damage to the battery, both of which lead to a long-lasting, satisfying vaping experience. Additionally, the batteries are tested so that they only produce high quality airflow and the cartomizers are tested to ensure quality and consistency in the vapor production.


Using a blend of nicotine, flavors, PG and VG, Green Smoke produces a vapor that is unique from traditional tobacco smoke. Instead of puffing out foul smelling smoke that sticks to clothes and hair, you get a fresh, clean and tasty vapor without any of the disgusting odors. You can vape either indoors or outdoors, and you don’t have to worry about your teeth turning yellow or secondhand smoke.

Pros and Cons Overview

We are most proud, though, of our comprehensive reviews on each brand. Take a look below for the pros and cons.

  • Beautiful packaging
  • Delicious flavors
  • Rich vapor production
  • Good selection of e-Liquids
  • Great line of accessories
  • Sealed cartomizers can be an inconvenience
  • Wide range of starter kits
  • Flexible battery choices
  • Affordable and powerful battery
  • Excellent customer service
  • Some kits only include one battery
  • Thick vapor
  • Great throat hit
  • Rich flavor
  • Easy cartridge replacement
  • Can smoke while charging
  • High price range
  • Not that many flavor options
  • Battery response low sometimes
  • Natural draw feel
  • Great throat hit
  • Thick vapor
  • Good range of nicotine strengths
  • Excellent battery life
  • Cartomizers compatible with other brands
  • Affordable starter kits
  • Exceptional customer service and shipping time
  • Short cartomizer lifespan
  • Annoying noise when inhaling
  • No e-Liquid products
  • No onsite live chat
  • Outdated YouTube channel
  • Ideal for newbies
  • Attractive packaging
  • Good battery and charger performance
  • Limited flavors available
  • Not satisfying for heavy smokers
  • Nice range of nicotine strengths
  • Great e-Hookah line
  • Affordable starter kits
  • No PG
  • Less than average throat hit
  • e-Cigars are too sweet
  • Limited flavors available
  • Affordable starter kits
  • Rich vapor
  • Strong throat hit
  • Fresh flavors
  • Credible customer service
  • Limited accessories available
  • Doesn’t offer anything that other brands already have
  • Modern look and appeal
  • Amazing website interface
  • Great flavor selection
  • Rich vapor
  • Excellent battery lifespan
  • Durable cartridges
  • Limited range of nicotine levels
  • Smooth draws
  • Rich vapor
  • Consistent performance regardless of battery life
  • Nice accessories available
  • No e-Liquids
  • Not all flavors are available in all nicotine strengths
  • Extra shipping fee costs
  • First-rate customer service
  • Wide array of gear and equipment
  • Rich vapor
  • Reasonable price range
  • Engaging, updated social media presence
  • Wide range of starter kits and mods
  • AEMSA certified
  • Heavy smokers may not be satisfied with flavor and nicotine offerings